Videography contest

 HRCP hosted a videography contest for university and College Students (in Punjab) as an advocacy campaign on the themes of democratic development and the rights of women, children and minorities. The duration of videos admissible for the contest was to be: 03 to 5 minutes, 5 to 10 minutes, and 10 and more minutes. These were accepted for the contest up to November, 15th, 2014. The members of the jury were Ms Naazish Attaullah, Dr. Mehdi Hasan, Ms Farida Batool and Ms Mira Hashmi. The films were screened for the jury on November, 22, 2014 and the prize distribution ceremony was held on November, 28th, 2014.

 The first prizes were won in three categories by the following institutions.

  1.  Beaconhouse National University: Women Category.
  2.  Islamia University of Bahawalpur: Minorities Category.
  3.  National College of Arts: Children Category.

The participating institutions were University of the Punjab, Beaconhouse National University, Islamia University of Bahawlapur, Lahore College of Women University, Government College University, Faisalabad, National College of Arts, Forman Christian College, University of Central Punjab, Punjab Group of Colleges.

 Certificates were presented to all the participants.

Category A: Women

KotKar (Beaconhouse National University)

Category B: Minorities

Mutasareen (Islamia University Bahawalpur)

Category C: Children

Kalu (National College of Arts)

Runner-up Films

Second runner-up —  women category “The Face” (Lahore College Women University)

Third runner-up — women category “Kashmakash” (National College of Arts)

Second runner-up — Minorities category “Hurr Sy Hidayat Tak” (University of Punjab)

Third runner-up — Minorities category “Religious intolerance” (Lahore College Women University)

Second runner-up — Children category “Silent  Desire” (University of Punjab)

Third runner-up — Children category “Kalak” (National College of Arts)