In order to be considered for membership with the HRCP, the following requirements have to be met:

  1. The membership form provided below should be printed and filled by the applicant
  2. The membership form should be mailed to any the HRCP regional offices along with a cheque of Rs 500 for membership fee addressed to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. (Postal address can be found under About HRCP)
  3. The forms are reviewed and sent to the Lahore Secretariat for approval.
  4. Each applicant must attend at least one membership meeting in any one office of the
  5. HRCP in order to be considered for the membership.
  6. Each applicant will be required to attend the annual member meeting held in Lahore.
  7. The membership is subject to approval and once it is approved, the member is provided with a membership card.
  8. Members of HRCP are expected to volunteer for human rights related events in their areas as well as providing information concerning cases of violation of human rights. Members also get voting rights to choose the board members of HRCP.

Please download the HRCP membership form from the link below:

download form