Violence Against Transgender

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KARACHI: Human Rights Commission of Pakistan organized a panel discussion on harassment and violence against transgenders on [DATE].  Mr  I. A. Rehman, Mr. Asad Butt and Mrs. Uzma Noorani, Ms. Sara Gill, Ms. Shehzadi, Mr. Ihsan Ali and Ms. Raheema Panhwar participated in the discussion.

Mr I.A. Rehman explained that traditionally transgenders were employed by the nobility in their homes across the Subcontinent but things have changed, unfortunately for the worse, as this practice reduced. Society is depriving transgenders of their self-respect and dignity. He further said that religions do not divide and differentiate between humans on the basis of religion, caste, color, race or social status. He said that HRCP will always support  the struggle of the transgender community for their rights but they will need to take leadership in their own hands.

There was a consensus among the speakers that the transgender and LGBT communities are considered a sign of shame and disgrace in our culture. Most of these individuals never get a chance to acquire education in the regular schools due to discriminatory treatment and demeaning attitudes of their fellow citizens. Government institutions and other governing bodies are known to harass them. In case of any criminal victimization or even sexual harassment, they get no support from the mainstream community or relevant government institutions. Consequently, this presents members of these communities with virtually no job opportunities and financial security, and most members of the transgender community are forced to make their living by prostitution. Speakers urged the government to make laws for the protection of the rights of the transgender community.

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